X-Large x COMPOUND "OG Streetwear Pop Up"

For October's "First Thursday" we curated a pop-up with X-Large, the true OGs in streetwear. This installation was in part to share the epic history and time line of the brand, as well house their 25th anniversary book "True OG Streetwear". The book is loaded with years of content highlighting the brands heavy influence / diversity within the streetwear culture.
Bringing this pop-up to life they used a ton of photos, articles, and interviews  that didn't make the book and created a 12ft wide 7ft tall art installation fully curated from 25 years of graphics, ads, and images that make up their Gorilla Cameo logo. The pop up will be live through the end of the month, fully stocked with X-Large Gear and this amazing book. We wanna thank the entire X-Large family for this opportunity, was a great history lesson.
X - Large's blog recap:
Special thanks to:
Andrew Tim | X - Large Marketing 
Aaron Martinez | X - Large Graphic Design (Blog Photos)
Christian Burt | Black & White photos
Instagram: @burt.christian